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Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Anti Slip Floor Treatment by Specialists

The solution to slippery when wet.

For commercial buildings and residential homes.







Our Service

We are Singapore's master distributor for "Sure Step" Non-slip Floor and Bathtub Treatment.


Our "Sure Step" safety non-slip treatment is a lasting chemical process that leaves no etching marks. By seamlessly incorporating an invisible treaded design into the surface of hard mineral floors, porcelain or enamel bathtubs, we significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls. 


Leave the application process to us - our team of experts will handle the treatment, ensuring an efficient and safe experience for you.

Anti Slip Floor Treatment
Increased Floor Friction

Our treatment can increase the friction of your floor and bathtub by 200% - 400% when wet

Anti slip treatment
Anti Slip Floor Treatment
A New Look

Old tiles and bathtubs can look newer after treatment

Anti slip treatment
Anti Slip Floor Treatment
No Downtime

You may use your floor or bathtub immediately after our treatment

Anti slip treatment

Developed and Proven For:

Why Choose Us?

Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Protect lives from slip and falls

Create a safe environment for your loved ones or customers

Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Use on existing or new tiles and bathtubs

Our treatment is suitable for both old and new

Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Cost effective

Our service prioritizes affordability and effectiveness 

Anti Slip Floor Treatment

One year warranty

Rest easy with our one year warranty guarantee

Our Clients

and many more!​

Anti Slip Floor Treatment


"The application of the Sure Step Anti-Slip Treatment to the floors of our shower cubicles has been successful in increasing the coefficient of friction. Our members have felt the difference compared to their previous experience and have commented positively on the increased safety whilst using the shower facilities. We will definitely be looking at other areas to be treated with the same product."
Anti Slip Floor Treatment

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