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About Us

Non-Slip Solutions Pte Ltd is the master distributor of "Sure Step" and has been in Singapore since 2012. Since then, we've rapidly emerged as the forefront provider of anti-slip treatment for floors and bathtubs across the nation. Our unwavering commitment to safety drives us, as we diligently work to mitigate slip and fall risks in both residential and commercial spaces. Your safety is our priority.

Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Our Mission

Non-Slip Solutions Pte Ltd is in the business of safety. We provide services to make floor and bathtub surfaces non slip especially when the surfaces become dangerous when wet.

Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Our Company Policy

To provide the best pre and post-services where our customers look to us to ensure their floors and various surfaces are safe to step on.

Customer satisfaction is of high importance to us and we strive to ensure our advice is honest and realistic. We also do not compromise on our quality and integrity in the course of providing our services to our customers.

Our Core Values

Our company core values and beliefs of QUALITY, CUSTOMER, SERVICE and INTEGRITY are enshrined within four triangles, with our customers being the key focus. Our God (Jesus) is also important to us and we believe He is key to holding these core values and beliefs together over time. Management and employees understand these principles. Hence, we rely on Him to operate our business within these four core values and beliefs.





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