Accepted Industry Standards

“A static anti-slip coefficient of friction of .50 or above is considered a safe walkway surface with a dry condition. A reading below .50 is considered an unsafe walkway surface.”

Coefficient of Friction


.60 or above — Very Safe    .50 – .59 — Relatively Safe     .40 – .49  — Dangerous   

.35 –  .39  — Very Dangerous    .00 – .34 — Unusually Dangerous

As adopted by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and the American Society of Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M)

Settling Softer Agents

All hard mineral floors and porcelain and enamel bathtubs are made up of both hard and soft agents. The SURE STEP Treatment settles the soft agents of the mineral surface leaving the hard agents exposed to provide a safe, secure, non-slip surface. The end result is that the floors are safer when wet than a dry untreated surface.

Technically Speaking

A SURE STEP floor increases the coefficient of friction when a floor or surface gets wet. The result is that your foot will no longer slip out from under you. This higher coefficient of friction makes it dramatically more slip-resistant — and therefore, safer.

Scientifically Proven 

In testing done by the National Testing Standards, Inc of Anaheim California — performed and documented in accordance with A.S.T.M procedures — SURE STEP was proven to increase the coefficient of friction of the treated surface by 200 – 400% when subjected to water.

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