Slide11.    Untreated floors (in the form of ceramic tiles, homogenous tiles ,  marble, etc) normally have surfaces that are made up of soft and hard agents.

2.    In its untreated form, water planing (or in layman term water ponding) tends to  occur when the floor surface is wet and becomes extremely slippery when stepped upon.

3.    SURE STEP non-slip treatment treats the surface of the floor with the proprietary chemicals from Canada , removing the soft agents while leaving the hard surface behind at a hyper microscopic level which is invisible to the naked eye. (see illustration).

4.    After the  floor surface is treated  with the floor treatment chemicals (the entire process usually  takes about 1- 2 hours including any site preparation and post-treatment washing)  by our specialists, all chemicals on the floor surface are then completely washed away.

5.    What you have now is a floor surface that will have the effect of a suction cup on our feet or shoes when stepped upon when wet, giving you a safe surface to walk upon. Technically, it means that the co-efficient of friction has been increased from an unsafe level to a safe level.

6.    User will not be able to feel the difference when the floor surface is stepped upon when it is dry. However, when surface is wet, the treated surface will cause a grip on your feet to prevent you from slipping. Treatment does not change the appearance of the surface in most cases.

7.    Treated floors are available for use immediately upon treatment as there is no waitng time for any curing process.



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