Non-Slip Solutions Pte Ltd is in the business of safety. We provide services to make surfaces non slip especially when the surfaces become dangerous when wet.


To provide the best pre and post services where our customers look to us to ensure their floors and various surfaces are safe to step on but also customers satisfied enough to recommend our servcies to others who need it.

We make sure our advises are honest and realistic and we do not compromise on our quality and integrity in the course of providing our services to our customers


Our company core values  and beliefs of QUALITY, CUSTOMER, SERVICE & INTEGRITY are enshrined within the 4 triangles with our customers as one of the key focus located within the centre of the triangle. Our God (Jesus) is important to us and we  believe He is key to our holding these core values and beliefs together over time.  Management and employees understood these principles and hence we rely on Him to operate our business within these 4 core values  and beliefs.

Core Values

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